Dear Friends and Family
I write to you today for one specific purpose. I need your support in this next journey of my life and I cannot do it without you.
Back in October, I attended Candidate Week for Africa Inland Mission. It was my intention to become a full-term missionary with them. After making some great friends and learning more about AIM, unexpectedly I was asked to wait. The Lord had other plans. Instead, the Lord told me not yet. I was not okay with that answer. After all, I had been planning to go with AIM right after I graduated college last year and now what was I supposed to do?
Last August, I moved home with intentions of leaving for Namibia soon. Things changed. I’ve been working as a Nanny for two children: 1 and 3 years old. I love the children and the experience it has given me, but I didn’t ever think I would still be where I am today, waiting some more. It has been an incredibly hard season of walking, waiting, and trusting. I know it is for a specific reason, but sometimes as believers, we all come to the point where we wonder where God is in all this and why He isn’t talking much. He just doesn’t make sense. The lyric of a song describes this season well: “I cry, are You out there tonight?”
Am I still headed to Namibia, Africa? Yes! My heart is still very much driven and passionate to get there! I am only delayed.

But, through this season I suddenly lost understanding for purpose in life and became emotionally distressed. As March came around, I knew that I needed a change in my life. I was restless and antsy. Did that mean move for a job? Did that mean stay where I’m at and just wait it out? Or did that mean pray and look for open opportunities to serve (even just short term)? I waited. Suddenly, pieces started falling in place.
In mid-April my friend, Hannah, shared an opportunity with me. A friend of hers, Sarah, resides in Port-au-Prince, Haiti with her husband and children’s ministry called Living Water Haiti Ministries. It is focused on caring for orphans who need the sweet love of parents but moreso of Jesus. Yves and Sarah started this orphanage just back in the fall of 2011. At this time they have 7 children and a couple staff. Many short termer teams come through to this orphanage during the year and stay for a couple weeks. As I have experienced missions and living cross-culturally, my perspective has changed greatly and because of that, serving in Haiti for a couple weeks feels like a trip or a visitation. It is not nearly long enough to build relationships, trust, and learn the culture. I will be purchasing a one-way ticket and leave the amount of time I serve there up to the Lord. I hope to leave in early June.
Sarah has a great need for an Activities Coordinator to plan and focus on activities and crafts for the children. I nearly jumped at this opportunity because it is so much like me! She also has other needs such as training staff in childcare, ministering to neighbor kids, etc. So in preparation, I need to gather supplies for these activities and crafts and research new and creative ideas. I also need your prayer and support in this journey because I have no idea what God is up to. But I do know that I can trust my unknown future to my known God. Would you like to be part of this? Prayerfully consider being a part of this journey with me. If you are interested in giving towards this mission, contact me.
In His glory alone,
Amanda Larsen


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