water balloon race

This afternoon, after taking an hour to fill up balloons with water (wow it was a chore!) we played water balloon games!  First we played the game you see below, the goal was to push the balloon with your nose (only) across to the finish line. Wow it was alot harder then I thought because […]

mmmmm popcorn

We bought popcorn yesterday at the grocery store, yes it was a grocery store with American products that cost 5x the normal cost in the States. But anyways, we made a HUGE bowl of it and the kids LOVED it.  Wow Im full.  Im actually trying to keep myself full all the time so that […]

where im at

For those of you who wonder where Im staying and what things look like, well this is the room Im staying in at the house.  Its painted blue, yes. And it has been used as the craft room before I was here.  I love having 4 windows for a great breeze at night since they […]

June 8th…Day #2

Yesterday, June 7th, I arrived in Port-au-Prince after a long day.  I was soo excited to be landing in a new country and experience a new culture again, but yet I was very nervous.  A lot of people have told me I am very brave for doing this alone and not going with a team. […]

im ready

Many thoughts are completely overtaking my mind as I wonder what is going to happen as I head to Haiti.  Okay, that sounds bad.  I mean, “wonder what is going to happen” as in what is the Lord going to do through me while Im there, how can I change one person’s life, how am […]

packing for Haiti

Wow I cannot believe its already here.  One week from Saturday I leave Nebraska! Im heading down to Houston first for a couple of days to see some friends then I’ll be in Port-au-Prince by June 7th (early afternoon).  I am SOOO excited, and beyond excited that the Lord has opened this door for me […]

another step of faith

It is finally official.  Towards the end of April I made a decision to spend the summer in Haiti (3-4 months) and I have finally now just purchased the ticket.  With my very indecisive personality I told myself I just needed to pick a day so i finally did.  At first I was thinking the […]

Haiti: A letter to my Supporters

Dear Friends and Family I write to you today for one specific purpose.  I need your support in this next journey of my life and I cannot do it without you. Back in October, I attended Candidate Week for Africa Inland Mission.  It was my intention to become a full-term missionary with them.  After making […]