White Oak Designs

I have always loved to create things.  From crafts to sewing to anything under the sun, it has always been a passion of mine. I’ve done a little business stuff with my crafts but not a lot.  So after I sent out my wedding invitations, I started receiving tons of compliments on them.  I liked […]

haiti [ayiti]

Ashley and Regina (above) kissin’ each other. I love these girls. Belinda, the newest and cutest addition to the family/orphanage/children’s home. A view of Haiti.  We took a trip up to the mountain to talk to one of the children’s mother. At least 30 kids came from the neighborhood to Children’s Church while the team […]

Africa Cookie Cutters

  Are these not the coolest cookies you have ever seen?  I mean talk about being called to Africa since I was 17, planning on going long-term within the next year, and then seeing SOLE HOPE has made Africa-shaped cookie cutters!!! I have such a good idea for using these!  Also, how in the world […]

missing a few lil ones

Mirlandia, Gerlanda, Jemett, Dajna, Love, Regina, Ashley, and Kerlinda, you will never know the impact that you had on me as a person.  You are all so precious to me and there is not a day that goes by that I do not think of you and wonder what you are doing in that moment. […]