I graduated from college with a B.A. in Intercultural Studies and Biblical Studies.  My heart reaches out to the widow and the orphan in which God so directly states in His Word to take care of them.  My passion and desires have lead me to Africa twice now and will be heading back to Namibia in roughly 2013 for 2 years or however He leads.  My strengths and passion is seen through working with children- they are so precious to me and I cannot wait to have my own family, and possibly adopt in the future.  I would also love to get married someday.

I have recently become more serious about photography.  I have done most of my photography as a hobby overseas, capturing the heart of Africa’s people.  I want to continue that here as I am waiting patiently to go back in the future.  No longer is my camera usually in my bag but in my hands.

My life-perspective involves furthering the Kingdom of God.  For God’s Son, had to be the ultimate perfect and righteous sacrifice for us and get slaughtered and tortured on the cross till death.  He bridged the gap between man and God and today we can know Him through that in an intimate, compassionate relationship. God gives us hope and when we wholeheartedly give our lives up for Him, He takes us, molds us, and somehow uses us for His glory and the greater good for His Kingdom.

Contact me: alarsen07@yahoo.com


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Just wanted to let you know I stumbled upon your blog as I was searching on Google about missions and photography =) I’m thinking of entering the missions field too, and I’m at a stage where I’m still deciding if I should quit my job (daunting) to do that. Reading your blog has inspired me loads so far. God bless =)

    • Hi! Wow, Im so glad you commented! Its nice to meet you! Well I’ll tell you that its not an easy road but it is a road worth taking! And one of the things that I’ve learned and am still learning that sometimes I get soo wrapped up in focusing on people and what I can do for them (which isnt a bad thing), but when we focus on doing good things but we forget to love our Creator more than that, we have a problem! 🙂 Definitely pray about what the Lord wants you to do!

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