White Oak Designs

I have always loved to create things.  From crafts to sewing to anything under the sun, it has always been a passion of mine. I’ve done a little business stuff with my crafts but not a lot.  So after I sent out my wedding invitations, I started receiving tons of compliments on them.  I liked them a lot myself, but hearing comments from other people really BOOSTED my confidence in how great they looked.  I’ve always loved stationery and paper goods but never thought of turning it into a side-business.  I’ve also loved looking at homemade invitations.  So after receiving the compliments I decided I could make it simple if I wanted to do more creating of invitations.  So I decided to sell them digitally.  So here is my etsy shop.  Just getting started again.  Etsy is a hard place to sell.  It takes lots of time and effort to get traffic looking at your shop.  It’s hard to get started but I’m marrying a man who is an expert in marketing and dedicated to help me get it started!  White Oak Designs is the name.  It’s country and its general so if I want I can decide to add or take away what I’m selling and the name still works.  It just fits my new family (of two, bride & groom).



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