another journey is starting

Fellow blog readers,

Wow I cannot believe it has been almost a year since I have posted anything on here. I should get going again.  I think I got tired of writing or something.  Yes that’s it. Well, I decided that I wanted to blog about wedding plans and post photos of what I am crazy-busy with: MY WEDDING! 

Ya, I’m getting married!!  I still cannot believe it myself.  I have been dating Chris for 9 months now and we both knew from the beginning we were both looking for our spouse.  No dating to see if we liked each other.  But dating to grow in love and with each other for the purpose of engagement and committing our lives to each other in the near future.  Saturday July 13th, Christopher totally rocked my world.  At the end of our picnic night, he proposed.  In fact, he completely surprised me by coming to Nebraska for the weekend, a weekend in which we weren’t planning to see each other.  I was such a happy girl when he surprised me by waking me up from my nap! Reality took a while to hit!

Well, instead of me rambling, I have decided to start taking some great pictures of everything I am doing for our wedding (October 19th, 69 days to go!)  I need a reason to use my good camera again! It has been a while.  

To start, here is my beautiful ring he put on my finger.


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