haiti [ayiti]

Ashley and Regina (above) kissin’ each other. I love these girls.
Belinda, the newest and cutest addition to the family/orphanage/children’s home.

A view of Haiti.  We took a trip up to the mountain to talk to one of the children’s mother.

At least 30 kids came from the neighborhood to Children’s Church while the team of 5 from TN was here.  They did VBS with them every afternoon.

The team went and bought wood and paint for the new cubbies for the children.  Each child now has their own space to hang their clothes and shoes and stuff, instead of a box under their bed!

Yves and his “devil” look.

The girls left home from school.  Gerlanda didnt have the right shoes so she couldn’t attend that morning.

I love this photo.  Silly girl.

Ashley and Kerlinda. Adorable.

The kids running in the door from school! I get lucky cause I get a kiss from each one of them!

They are sooo cute in their uniforms!


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