home from a summer in haiti

Im so thankful I made it back home in one piece.  After a miserable night slept in the airport, a great time spent with my sister Kendra in Nashville, and then arriving home, it is nice to finally not be living out of a suitcase anymore.  It is nice not to always feel dirty and sweaty and to even have a comfortable bed to sleep in.  And even though I miss all these “comforts” of home and am thankful for being home again, my heart is still yearning and desiring to live a simpler life materialistically and instead give all to serve Jesus Christ. But even though it is challenging to live in another culture, and to live in a different way, what is it that really matters?  Does it really matter that we have cold showers (which I liked in the heat) or that not only do people live in our house but little furry mammals too?  Does it really matter if its horribly hot all day or our clothes get all stretched out and stained?  OR does it really matter that we crave our own american food and desire to have variety? Haha, at the time yes, but when it all comes down to the purpose of serving people and living for the Lord, none of that matters.  People matter.  How did I impact the people I lived with, if I impacted them at all?  If I didnt serve my purpose as a believer in Haiti, then what was it all for?

You know, every transition back to the States from a different country has its own challenges.  I know mine pretty well from before, but I feel like this time it’ll be different.  Im challenged materialistically.  And by God’s divine appointment, our Bible Study is on Daniel and the culture he lived in was just as materialistic and self-absorbed as ours today.  How to not let this poison my mind and my life is challenging since we are completely surrounded by it.  How to live more simply? Does that mean getting rid of my stuff that just sits in my room?  Does that mean to not buy new clothes but wait till all mine are completely worn out?  Im not sure actually.  But I do know the Lord is here to help me in these challenges.

I’ve made a firm decision to go to Africa full-term.  I was accepted as a full-term missionary with Africa Inland Mission back in June but I didnt start anything because I was in Haiti.  Now that Im back, my next mission is to pray and figure out exactly which country and city and ministry I’ll be serving in.  That is a challenge cause there are so many open and I wish I could be at more than one place at a time!  But I know this decision didnt just come from me.  Ever since the middle of the summer I’ve been feeling the calling and desire to go again.  And this is joy people! After one long year of living in confusion and distraction and complete stress on my body and soul, I have finally come to know where I am headed.  I can breathe now. I can relax and prepare for my next step of this new journey.


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