this speaks to the heart

From Center to Circumference:

“Lo, you seek revival.

You do well; only do not seek it in the energy of the flesh.  For the flesh is intent upon its own interests; yes it lusts after those things that perish with the using. I would have you seek Me in Spirit; then I will come down upon you in all My fullness and will hold back nothing of all that I desire to do for you.

For My ways are hidden from those who seek Me in the energy of the flesh. Deep calls unto deep at the noise of the waterspouts (Ps. 42:7), and I am in you, yes, for this very purpose above all other purposes, have I taken up My abode WITHIN you; that My spirit might be diffused through your spirit, and that we might be one even as I am one with the Father.

I in you, and you in Me, that we might be unified in thought and in action: in devotion and in purpose, that we might move continually not as two, but as ONE.

I ask you not to DO, but to BE. For whatsoever is of the flesh is flesh; but when you allow My spirit to have free course, when you cease to interfere with My moving within you, then those things that shall be accomplished both within and through you will be truly the LIFE of GOD. For My spirit is the Spirit of Life, and My spirit is the motivating power of Divine energy.  All else is DEATH. As it is written, ‘Flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God’ (1 Cor 15:50). Neither can man through any endeavor of his own, however holy his purpose, produce this life, which does not exist apart from the direct activity of the spirit of God.

For I am with you and I am in you to make you neither barren nor unfruitful. I am in you to give you Life, and to give it to you abundantly, yes, life without limit! For all I am able to do for you is limited only by My omnipotence and My eternal, everlasting Life and Power, and to these there are no limits. Lo, I wait to bless you; I wait to give you My fullness. I delight to do for you because I love you beyond your power to begin to know. Only drop those things you grasp in your hand, and place your hands in Mine. Only pull your eyes from those things you hold precious, and I will fill them with My glory. Release your affections from all others. Place in My hands those you hold dear. Leave them in My keeping: for so shall your heart be set free to seek Me without distraction.  For when I am to you more precious than all else; when I have become more real to you than all else; and when you love Me more than you love any other, then shall you know complete satisfaction.  Your peace shall flow as a river, and your joy shall overflow as a fountain, and My glory shall be poured out as the fragrant anointing oil upon all your other relationships.

For I do NOT intend to strip you of earthly ties and joys, but I long to have you give Me the center of your life that My blessing may flow out to the circumference.  For My spirit moves not from the circumference to the center, but from the center to the circumference. So yield to Me your inmost consciousness. Offer Me not some random portion of your affections, but give Me that deepest portion of your heart, yes that which seems to be your very life itself. In truth it is so. For you yield Me your life only as you offer Me your love. For this reason I have said love is the fulfillment of the law. So give Me WHOLLY your heart’s affections, and I will meet your every need.

Seek FIRST the Kingdom of Heaven; set your desires wholly to obtain the riches of God, and all the other things shall be freely supplied as the needs arise.  ONly be very diligent in the quest, for the enemy always lies in wait that he may through evil device turn you aside. Be not overtaen by his wiles. Set your face like flint. Lay aside every weight and deliberately remove every hindrance.  Give yourself to prayer. You have My word, yes, you have My promise, that those who seek shall FIND. And My promises are sure, and My Word shall never pass away (Mt. 24:35).”


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