water balloon race

This afternoon, after taking an hour to fill up balloons with water (wow it was a chore!) we played water balloon games!  First we played the game you see below, the goal was to push the balloon with your nose (only) across to the finish line. Wow it was alot harder then I thought because those balloons like to go around in circles instead of straight ahead in a line! I definitely lost!

The other games we played were hot potato where we stood in a circle and passed it around and if you dropped it and it broke, then you had to sit down! Some of those balloons were sooo touchy, that when I went to just pick it up, it popped!  Then the last game we did was to just throw ’em at each other.  Cannot leave that part out!


Here is Gerlanda competeing against Mirlandia.

And Mirlandia pushing it with her nose!


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