Today it hit me REALLY hard that Im going to Haiti in 3 days! I cannot believe it.  I was like hit with the reality of it and my heart has completely expanded and grown with LOVE for these children Im about to meet!  I honestly have to say I’ve really enjoyed Houston.  My friend I have been staying with suggested I should move down here temporarily and just see what happens and it really gave me the idea and interest of thinking into it.  I could probably find a good nanny position to start with and Im sure my friends could lead me to a good place that is affordable to stay/rent out.  I’ve really had an interest of getting out of nebraska and starting my life somewhere else maybe even before I go overseas long-term.  I would just ask that y’all (lol) pray with me about what the Lord would have when I come back from Haiti (which is unknown at this point!)

My friends have been soo sweet to me, buying me lunch, and taking me different places! Im not used to being driven around (not having a car) or relying on other people for a place to stay and transportation so its definitely humbling.  Last night I headed out of Houston to a smaller town that was having their county fair.  I really wanted to go to a rodeo and rodeo season is in March I believe, but we found this one so my friend and I drove out there for the evening and it was awesome! I was soo pumped to see these real texan cowboys ride bulls and rope cattle!! hehe 🙂

Excited to see what the last few days hold!


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