packing for Haiti

Wow I cannot believe its already here.  One week from Saturday I leave Nebraska! Im heading down to Houston first for a couple of days to see some friends then I’ll be in Port-au-Prince by June 7th (early afternoon).  I am SOOO excited, and beyond excited that the Lord has opened this door for me to go.  I still am unsure how long I will end up staying.  I have enough support for 3 full months, but Im kind of thinking that if I fall in love with this children and this ministry, it may be pretty difficult to come back! I will just let the Lord lead me and show me when it is time to come back!  I am also having a hard time leaving my job.  I dont even call it a job anymore, although it is work taking care of a 1 and 3 year old, I have soooo fallen in love with these kids even through the days that were completely unbearable and miserable!  I have learned how to put their needs above my own, as s elfish as I am, and am still working on that.  Im glad I have seen a small glimpse into parenting and what it takes.  Im so thankful for the experience and have a sad heart because I am leaving them, and I made that choice, but I do trust God in providing a new place to work when I get home (whenever that is!)  Soo I took some photos of my suitcases.  One is completely full of supplies for the kids and craft/activities for me to teach them!  The other one is making its way up in pounds as I continue to choose what I want to bring with me to wear, etc.  Oh and of course, the skittles chapstick! It was donated by my boss and friend but I know the girls are gonna love ’em.  I cant wait to pamper them as girly girls always are–nail polish, manicures, lip gloss, headbands, and all!  Oh, and NEW underwear.  Hopefully they fit!


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