another step of faith

It is finally official.  Towards the end of April I made a decision to spend the summer in Haiti (3-4 months) and I have finally now just purchased the ticket.  With my very indecisive personality I told myself I just needed to pick a day so i finally did.  At first I was thinking the very first day of June and then I decided to make a stop in Houston, Texas and visit some great friends for a few days ON my way to Haiti! I’ll be seeing at least 3-4 different friends! Im totally excited and have never been to Houston before!  So I purchased my ticket for June 7th and will leave at 6am in the morning and get to Miami and PAP by 2:00 in the afternoon.  Sounds like a great couple flights to me! I’ve been searching for a while and tonight I told myself I was just going to purchase it (especially since I’ve received enough support to cover it so far so why wait?).  I have been talking to Sara, the director at the orphanage of Living Water Haiti Ministries, and she is super excited that I am coming just as I feel as well.  I really do thank the Lord for the opportunity and open door.  I didnt just come upon it, I did seek it out because I really just need a change up in my life right now for many reasons, and serving overseas seemed to make my heart grow larger! I believe the Lord does open doors and close doors.  Many times He doesnt give us a yes so we take a step of faith and walk through it.  Other times He gives us a huge NO and then we know!  Well this door was wide open so I chose to walk through it and see what happened.  I know the Lord has His hand on this and Im excited to see Him shape and stretch me just that much more within a couple of months.  I pray I can be a vessel of light for Himself as well.

Thanks to all of you who pray and support what Christ is doing through me.  I am still in need of financial support and some supplies for the children.  Contact me if you have questions!

In His glory alone,



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