give it all away

Search my heart, search my mind, search my soul
Make me clean, make me new make me wholeAll of my plans, all of my dreams, I lay them down before Your feet
All of my time, all that was mine, I now submit to Your design
‘Cause You are the one who can make my life complete
You are the one who can give light to my feet
You are the one and only one who dared to give it all away for me

You are my strength, You are my God, you are my King
You make me laugh, You make me dance, You make me sing

Everything inside, everything outside, I give it all away
You never change, but You rearrange my heart more everyday

I came upon this song on my ipod while driving last week.  It sounded familiar and immediately had a great beat and sound to it.  I continued to listen and realized when Aaron Shust hit the chorus the Lord was speaking to me so clearly through this song.  The lyrics were powerful and apply to my life so powerfully.  Listen to this song if you are able to!  It always seems like I have to relearn this concept and truth.  My plans, My dreams, My time—EVERYTHING that I think is mine is not mine and should not ever be mine but instead God has given me the option of being available to HIS plans for my life.  Giving it all away is such a hard thing.  Entrusting these dreams to my Savior is hard.  It sorta scares me, because what if He changes the absolute one thing I want to do.



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