headbands being donated to girls in Swaziland

The above headbands are NOT for sale but being donated to hundreds of girls in 2 carepoints of Swaziland.  They will be shipped to a friend of mine and then she is taking them over with a team.  They also have tons of dresses, boys clothes, and more being taken to Swaziland.  I was really excited when I heard of this opportunity because I have been making headbands for quite a while AND I have seen carepoints face to face, not these two specifically, but I was in Swaziland in 2009 for 2 months and I was just so excited to be able to donate these to the girls and just imagine the joy and smiles on their faces.  These are only 10…I have many more to make and if you’d like to help out (cuz i cannot make all of them) PLEASE contact me!


One thought on “headbands being donated to girls in Swaziland

  1. Amanda – thank you SO much for spreading not only the need, but also the JOY of giving our Swazi girls at Bheveni & Mangwaneni Carepoints something that can (even for a moment) bring a smile to their faces and make them feel like princesses! Girls ALL over the world love accessories – especially ones made with love and passion! Thank you so much!!! Danielle

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