i <3 flowers

Above is a flower headband for any girl or woman who wants to add a spring style to their wardrobe!

Black and white fabric from Mali, West Africa.

This is my FAVORITE headband so far.

These are flower clips for your hair!

This shows you what the clip looks like.

All flower clips above!

Dark pink fabric flower earrings with glitter.

This is a fabric flower ring.  It is adjustable to any size of finger and just absolutely beautiful!

More fabric flower earrings…this material is from Mali, West Africa as well. (above)

Fabric flower earrings.  The ones on the right is used with fabric from Mali, West Africa.

All of these products, plus a ton more coming soon, will be directly going toward my fundraising account for my move to Namibia as a missionary with Africa Inland Mission.  I will be working with children directly in at-risk situations and hope to teach them about God’s love as well as photography.  Prices are to be determined by yourself.  Please email me at alarsen07@yahoo.com or leave a comment below.


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