a bit of rambling

So I have been thinking alot about my future.  This is mainly due to the fact that I’m waiting on a HUGE email of either acceptance or rejection.  See, for those of you who dont know what I’m applying to do you can go back through my older posts and check it out, especially my post “Missionary Storyteller”.  Anyways, so I heard that it would be soon that I would find out I’m accepted.  And it was, with the general AIM mission to become a “short-term missionary”, but my waiting has been because I decided to apply to the On Field Media team whose office is in Nairobi Kenya.  From Nairobi, the home base, videographers, photographers, writers, etc. are sent out on assignment to all different locations through the many countries AIM works in in central and southern Africa.  Just knowing I could travel and see so many other cultures and places sends a burst of energy and goosebumps through my entire body! It thrills me.  It makes me wanna jump off the walls.  But here’s the thing, my application has not even been received yet by the OFM team, so therefore its still in US offices and hasn’t been passed off.  It’s a little disappointing because every morning I wake up hoping to find an exciting email in my inbox.  Once again, there’s nothing.  I dont know how long it will take.  Of course, it is not in my hands and that makes it great but it pushes me over the edge.  I love that God is in control because He is the only one that knows how to control EVERYTHING…makes sense…He’s the Creator! But then again, I wonder why it has to take so long…I know I’m still in school and finishing up my last semester…but really? Couldn’t I just at least know my assignment already so I can get a head start on support letters/paper work/fund-raising before I leave.  I dont know.  My heart is so anxious that is easy to be bitter at some moments.  But I remind myself that life is a waiting game….there are so many things you have to wait for and have the patience for and then of course there is God who loves to teach us the waiting game and how to have patience within that.

So photography.  I am actually shooting a wedding with my sister this weekend.  A high school friend of mine is getting married and she asked me to team up with my sister (who does professional photography) and have fun with it.  I am going to do the rehearsal evening, the “getting ready” in the morning, and random shots as people scitter by to get ready for the family photos (someone has to be backstage to catch the crazy and chaotic action…show some emotion!).

Photography.  I want to be better.  I desire to learn more and be the best I can be.  I’m saving for a new camera- maybe switching over to Canon and about ready to take a step up from where I am at.  I think I am decent and know what kind of shots to take, but then its the quality of the image, the lighting, and all that stuff that I need to learn yet and how it all works together (aperture, shutter speed, ISO).  Its an exciting adventure.  Now I’m just rambling…Good night!


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