John Donne

“Where are all the atoms of the flesh which corrosion or consumption has eaten away? In what furrow or bowel of the earth lie all the ashes of a body burned a thousand years since? In what corner of the sea lies all the jelly of a body drowned in the general flood? What coherence, what sympathy, what dependence maintain any relation or correspondence between that arm that was lost in Europe and that leg that was lost in Africa or Asia with scores of years between?

One humor of our dead body produces worms and those worms exhaust all other humor and then all dies and dries and molders into dust, and that dust is blown into the river and that water tumbles into the sea, which ebbs and flows in infinite revolutions.

Still, God knows in what cabinet every seed pearl lies and in what part of the world every grain of every man’s dust lies, and (as His prophet speaks in another case) He beckons for the bodies of His saints, and in the twinkling of an eye that body that was scattered over all the elements has sat down at the right of God in a glorious resurrection.”

Discipline: The Glad Surrender, Elisabeth Eilliot, “Discipine of the Body”


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