Le Vieux

This last week Grace University cancelled all classes for a week and we had our mission conference instead.  This happens every February.  This year they invited my hosts from Mali, Uncle Joseph and Tante Marthe Camara, to come speak to us at the conference.  It was such a blessing to see them again especially for us who just got back from Mali last July.  I have no idea if I will ever get the chance to go back to Mali and visit or stay a while so it was a huge blessing to see them again.  I am so thankful!  Also, they wanted them to come because their visas (i think) expire soon and apparently to get a visa from the US now is next to impossible for some countries.  When I was talking to Tante Marthe, Courtney asked how Le Vieux was doing.  Le Vieux is the son of the other family that lives on the IBR compound next to the Camaras.  I dont know how it started but somehow I began taking care of Le Vieux (just over a year then) and he got really attached to me and I to him (I felt like a mom!)  I was given the name “Tante Neema” because I was now called his aunt.  Anyways, Tante Marthe told me that they would ask Le Vieux, “Where is Neema?” and he would look around like he was searching for me but didn’t know where I went.  I cant believe he remembers me! I’m planning on sending some photos over to them soon so he can remember me growing up! He’s gotta be such a big boy now.


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