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They call them MISSIONARY STORYTELLERS.  Do you understand what that means by just reading the title?  Missionaries spread the gospel to unreached people groups.  But missionary storytellers tell stories through media of what is happening through the people and ministries of countries that Africa Inland Mission works in.  DECLARING THE GLORY OF GOD THROUGH MEDIA is there vision.  Why a media missionaries? Why can’t the missionaries do it themselves?  The answer is simple. Missionaries today are far too busy to keep up with remembering and highlighting stories that need to be told.  Those stories through the media of AIM can now be told through video, words, photographs, and more.  AIM says,

“Purposing to communicate more effectively and broadly can have a remarkable effect on missions, and the Church. Active media creation serves to enhance the work of partnership development, recruitment, project awareness, and prayer support.  But the ultimate goal in “telling the story” is simply to honor God.”

I have become a huge believer of media in the mission world.  How are we to know if we don’t hear about it and see it? How do we pray if we don’t hear about it or see it?  It is one of the most important ways to communicate with the rest of the world.  It is amazing.  God grabbed my heart through media.  The first time I ever thought “I want to live in a third world country at the age of 17” was because of a video that moved me so powerfully.  It happened to be Invisible Children.  My view of the world, missions, and my direction in life was all changed from that point on.  Because I am an example of someone who has been changed by media, I want to do the same for other people.  Not only to transform other people’s lives but to be an advocate for people who have voices but they are not heard.

We are also given a Biblical model of stories that are told and brought back to other people out of missions.  What a great example for us to follow.


So, why am I talking about this?  Oh because tomorrow is the day I’m sending my application off to AIM’s On-Field Media.  Monday night I met with the Regional Director again for the 4th time (ish) and we did an interview and talked more about what OFM does.  Basically, I would tell them that I am available from this day to this day- in my case I am choosing to submit to a year right now.  After I get accepted into AIM (general) then OFM will contact me to see my work.  I’ve had a couple people express to me that I have a talent for writing in the sense that I speak from my heart to move people and I express myself just as I am.  Although I was never great in English or my writing classes, I feel that I can still improve my writing through experience.  So I’m looking at being a photographer and writer.  I honestly have no idea if my work is good enough.  I haven’t had training, it’s all been on my own through my own eyes.  I guess I need to trust God with this whole thing.

But anyways, what would happen is I would fly over (hopefully with someone else) to a country AIM works in in Africa. I have no idea where this will be.  But the city I fly to would become my home base for that year.  From my home base, I would be called out on assignment to travel to different countries that AIM works with in Africa and do according to the missionary’s needs or a ministry’s needs.  So let’s say a ministry wants to update their website with new photos, I would be called onto assignment to that location and I would get there by AIM’s mission plane!  Seriously? A dream coming true? Well, yes, if I get accepted.  My heart has been flowing with joy all week through many different things, but this is the biggest one.  Please pray with me as I follow God’s lead and direction.

CHECK OUT THIS SITE FOR VIDEOS OFM HAS MADE! http://aim-ofm.org/category/video/



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