The last month or two I have been working on editing my photos from Swaziland and Mali (to the best of my ability) and uploading them to flickr.  Honestly, I dont think flickr is that professional looking, but I think it is a good start, plus theres a ton of free space to add photos before I would have to start paying and upgrade.  So tonight I was looking at the photos I took in Mali up on the hills that are just right close to the IBR compound, but a bit of walking distance to get to.  They are so breathtaking once you get up there because you can see so much.  And of course, kids would just suddenly appear on the hill to see what us “toubabs” were doing.  I dont think they could have missed us since we are white!  Anyways, here a few shots from two of the hills we climbed.

The buildings back behind the wall in the center is IBR. The pink house almost right in the center was our house for 6 months. Just to the right of that there are some trees where the entrance to the compound was.

When we climbed this hill, there was a large group (a soccer team) working out.

This is the back/side view of the compound.  It is pretty big. On the left side inside of the walls is where they grew some crops.  On the right side you see buildings and the IBR tower. Some were classrooms, others where people slept.

I love this photo, it is probably my favorite.  We walked back this way quite a bit.  To the right would be where the IBR compound is.  But the home located on the side of the hill in the center of the photo was a family we grew to know quite a bit.  All that lived here attended the IBR church.  There is a family with 3 kids, Kadiatou (Uncle Joseph’s sister) and her daughter Kyria, and then another woman and her child.  The home is split into two.  And of course, children staring at us!


One thought on “portfolio

  1. hello, i am really new at photography, so I was wondering if you could describe what you did briefly for these shots: what type of lens you were using to get those shots? and how did you edit them?

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