what jobs do for us

I was thinking about my current job yesterday after a long, frustrating day and I came to the conclusion that I am so thankful for this experience and what it has done to me.  Sometimes we think of jobs as just getting a paycheck to pay the bills.  I absolutely love my job of taking care of 9 month to 17 month babies with my awesome co-workers at a child-care center in Council Bluffs.  Its easy to get stressed out when you have 11 babies in the room all day and all of them have their cranky moments.  Many times Sabina, I love her, tells me to breathe and knows when I’m a bit stressed because we’re running around the rooms.  I realized how much it has made me grown not just with my relationship with children and the interaction but with myself as a person.  First of all, my patience with children has grown so so much and I’ve learned to be calm when all the babies are crying and not get so uptight and freak out.  I still have my moments but my heart isn’t pounding so hard every second during my shift now.  Even Sabina noticed how much my patience has grown and honestly I am so thankful for this growth.  I want children so so much in the future whether they’re mine or I am just being a motherly-influence to them, but I have always become unpatient with them so quickly.  Secondly, I feel as if it has given me an insight into what it means to be a mother and love a child unconditionally.  A small insight I should mention.  It’s almost as if the window has opened a crack and I can see more of what it takes to be a mom to a child and how hard of work it is yet rewarding and joyful.  I’ve learned alot from co-workers making bad decisions with children as well, for example taking children outside for a walk with no coats (but blankets) at 50 degrees with a sunny sky.  Warm for us, but not for babies.  I’ve made a promise to myself that I will never do things like that to negatively affect my children or whoever I am taking care of.  I want to be all I can be for my child.  What a growing experience it has been.  Many people wouldn’t say they are so thankful for their job experience whether it was a nightmare or not.  Many people, again, go to work to get their bills paid for and afterall thats what their degree was for.  I’m so thankful and blessed by a God who leads me in important directions to teach me and show me areas I need to grow in that He will use me later in life for. 🙂


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