ideas floating in my head

The closer I get to graduating, the more I have this question asked: “What are you going to do after you graduate?”  Ha, good question I tell them.  No but seriously, my common answer is to work for maybe a good length of time and build up my savings.  Who knows, maybe God will do a lot through me in that time to prepare me before I go overseas long-term or move onto something else.  I cannot stop thinking about “my plans” or ideas right now because of this question being asked every which way I turn.  I am not being negative about this question, it is just hard to focus on your future and not feel worried about it.  I want to have no plans at the moment so that everything that happens will be orchestrated by God alone who knows what is best.

These ideas have been floating around in my head for some time now.  Some are newer than others.  Others are a few years old.

First of all, my new vision I saw myself doing in my note I wrote not too many days ago.  Go ahead and read that for further information.

2—Africa Inland Mission is an organization I have been in contact with for maybe a year or two now.  I meet with Warren Day a couple times a year to talk about AIM and ask me questions about myself for an interview.  I love to meet with him because he is a very wise man and I enjoy telling him where I think God is leading me and to be given great instruction back.  This option would be a long-term commitment.  Of course I could go ahead and do this now and change later, I could do this now and end up staying with them for a long time, or I could work with them years down the road.  I dont know.  They have a great 2-year program for those who want to start off with a good solid foundation of training on the field as well as studying and being mentored.  Language study is key in this as well.  Its called TIMO.

-They also have many positions open such as teaching positions and those working with children at risk.  Of course I am looking at children’s ministry.

3—Sseko Designs is looking for photographers and videographers for an internship in early 2011 as well as possibly the summer.  I thought it would be a great opportunity if I got accepted.  Qualifications and skills are high, at least for me, because I am a beginner-photographer with not alot of professional experience whatsoever.  This would only be 3-6 weeks.  Takes place in Uganda and I would be responsible for documenting the community of Kampala through Sseko Designs as well as the team, the women who make them, the products, etc.  More details on the website.

4—Word Made Flesh sends small teams around the world for ministry…India specifically August 2011-December2011

5—Pick up my photography business as well as find a salary-paying job that deals with culture/international means

6—I want to go back to Mali.  I was thinking of one year.  I was also thinking, what if a ministry business was started for women.  I know so many organizations have been started in the continent of Africa to provide support and income for women and their families through jewelry as well as scarves, purses, etc.  I’m not sure what they could be taught to make, but what if a team or someone (even me) started up something for the community of Bougouni as well as other towns/villages/cities.  How exciting would that be!  Any product ideas for you who are reading this?  I would spend time learning Bambara, probably more than French, and of course being the photographer I am, document everything that occurred.  I want to show the world what Malians live through, their hardships, their community, their relationships, and who they are as beautiful people of God through the lens.

…and of course I am sure more opportunities will rise…Responses from you people, my friends?!


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