research project

WOW! I finally figured out what my topic is for my project! I was supposed to know like two weeks ago! So I am behind and how have to really think about what direction I’m taking it in.  So my project is to write 30 pages and do a presentation on a topic that includes art, culture, and ministry.  It hasn’t been easy to figure something out, especially since I wanted to do something I was actually interested in and cared about.  Also, I knew for sure that the art part would be photography, a way I can express myself and a way to tell a story from a moment in time.  So my topic is racial reconciliation in the church today.  My question: How can photography express the reconciliation of ethnic groups [in the church]? I have some ideas in mind such as: interviewing a variety of different people in answering some questions about the photos I take, I hope to visit some culturally-diverse churches in the Omaha area, and I definitely plan on taking my own photos to make my own booklet of how racial reconciliation can be seen through photography.  Sound difficult and challenging? Yes, it really is.  I think about this all the time through out the day every day.  Pretty soon I might end up dreaming about it!  Anyways, I was curious to those who read my blog, to what you think of this topic.  Do you have any ideas in how I could approach this subject?  What sorts of ideas do you have in using photography? What sorts of photos could I take?



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