I wanted to make you all aware of my new name and how I came upon it.  “Nεεma” pronounced /ney-muh/ means “grace” in the Bambara language of Mali, West Africa.  Grace became a lesson God taught me as well during those six months—how do I give grace to my teammates?  Within the first few weeks I was there till the whole 6 months I experienced, I was named Nεεma.  And not too long later I became “Tante Nεεma” which means Aunt Nema (to Le Vieux).

Mali has had a huge effect on my life and that’s why I want to keep it emphasized in my photography.  Not only are my photos visual representations through my lens, but they reflect photojournalism because there is a story to each face you see.  My photography is more important to me than it’ll ever be to anyone else because it is what I see through the lens.  God gave me this gift, ability, and skill and I’m using it to the best of my ability.  Even if I don’t have a $3000 camera with a studio and set up of equipment, I can still capture photography at its best through my eyes and a specific and unique view to my eyes.  For those who view my photos will see a different view to my portraits than I do.

Then of course the ending to my new signature are my initials to mark it.  Thanks Sharon for the wonderful idea!


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