journal entry from Mali

I was just reading through my journal from Mali because I’m writing my post-mali letter for my supporters and thought I would share some in the next couple of days that have meant alot to me. This one was from sometime at the beginning of May.

“I’ve become Tante Nema [Tante–aunt in french; Nema–grace in Bambara] to Matthew here, according to Marie [Matthew’s mommy]! For the past two nights I have rocked him to sleep on my back because his mom has been busy with cooking for the conference.  It has been oh so special even though he is heavy and fiesty.

Today coming back from Kadiatou’s we were walking by the peanut ladies just before the gate and this lady out of nowhere hands me this little baby and I take her to the compound and sat with her and she stared at me and just smiled. I even tried to cook with her on my back [multitasking practice of a wanna-be-mother] but she became grumpy.  So precious and how I long to be a mother so much more! Adoption? Birth? Caregiver? LORD you have given me this desire and I know its not my own.”


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