a new name

So I’ve been having a thought lately that has driven me to want to change my “photography hobby” name.  I wouldn’t consider it a business, even if I do get paid for it once in a while, but more of my passion and hobby wanting to capture the beauty in this world that has been so destructed by sin.  If anything, I love the journalistic photo essay type thing overseas.  I really want to use my photography wherever I end up in the world, whether it is for the organization I’m working with or what not.  Right now, though, I feel like I want to become a bit more serious about photography in the states, while I’m here.  I dont know how long I will live in the states whether its another year or two, but I want to make something out of it instead of leaving my camera sit in my closet (a bad place to let it sit!)  Why I’m writing this blog is I want to come up with a new name.  I’ve heard some creative names out there such as “White Acorn Photography” or “Ampersand Photography”.  I feel its too original/bland to keep it as my first and last name with “photography” added.

Some of the names people have suggested are: A.L. Photography, Photography by Amanda, Picture This, Neema Photography (a special name), and WorldVIEW Images.  I like “WorldVIEW Images” alot because it explains my direction, but it sounds too “non-profit” or business-like, I want something very unique, attractive, and eye-catching.

Make sure to leave a comment if you have any ideas! Thanks!


One thought on “a new name

  1. i like using my name because it lets people know who i am! AND they recognize my name and then know i’m a photographer. It IS fun to have a different name though…not sure i have any suggestions though! Worldview Images is cool…

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