i need your help!

For everyone that reads this, I need your comments and ideas! So I needed to take either an art class or a music class as a requirement to graduate.  But the art classes were made especially for those who are going to be teachers.  It would have been inapplicable to my major.  So what Jones did was create a class for me.  So we mixed a class called Mission Research Seminar, where you research one thing (whatever) and write many many pages on it as well as do a presentation (not just researching on the surface but searching deep for answers and information) and “art” to meet my requirements.  So I am officially having to think of a very specific question to ask and then research it.  I’m talking a paper of at least 30 pages long.  Or maybe he’ll give me some grace on that (due to how many credits the class is- 10 pages per credit hr).  Anyways so because of my major I also have to add a cultural dimension to it.  “Art” “Ministry” and “Culture”.  That makes things difficult.  Google doesn’t do a good job of mixing these three together.  I’m at a loss for what I want to research more specifically.  Do I want to look up paintings, sculptures, photography, glass-blowing, etc.? I dont know.  The thing is, where will I find 30 pages of information on a SPECIFIC question.  Any thoughts?


One thought on “i need your help!

  1. You could research any one of these and probbaly get a good bit of information…

    art can definitly be used as a ministry in other cultures. for instance you could research what exactly do different cultures consider ‘art’ and how can that art be best used as a ministry…..for example: making jewelry and selling it to raise money for an orphanage in another culture. you may have to ask three questions and then tie them all together into the paper. just an idea.

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