some random thoughts

I’ve realized how important it is to focus on re-entry.  Like I am always doing, I already had a thought about how I could plan to get back to Mali.  I’m already planning my next trip mentally.  But I think I need to wait on this for now.  There are so many places I want to go but I can’t be everywhere at once.  Graduation is in May and then I’m free.  Maybe I should check out a couple different countries in Africa and see what’s up.  I have no idea.  I’ve been really encouraged by my mom and roommate about my last blog I wrote.  I somehow like to hold in but pour out on pages.  Somewhere along this journey, I do have direction even when I feel I don’t.  I guess I am back in the States for a “purpose” something I’m not quite believing yet, but may eventually get there.  I’m still curious as to “why I come back”.

Today I started my new job at a childcare center in Council Bluffs.  The negatives of the job is that its a bit of a drive from my apartment, it doesn’t pay as well as I’d like, and it’s exhausting at times.  The positives are that kids say funny things, I love to cuddle with the little ones, and I’m learning more about the development and characteristics of children in general.  Part of the job requires a couple of classes of training on different subjects as well as CPR.  I’m excited for this.  When I was in Mali, I wondered how could I further my education HERE in the states before I go THERE for long-term.  How can I learn about what I love as much as possible?  I think God had something to do with this part.  Not only am I hanging with the children all day, but I get to learn more about them through specific classes.  This has to be beneficial in some way.

And an announcement about my free photography deal is this.  Photoshoot and my time in editing and printing are free.  Prints must be paid by yourself though.  Benefit is that if you happen to not like them, you didn’t pay a fortune (even though I know you will like them)! Offer will end in an upcoming date announcement.

It has been a long and busy day, I’m thankful it’ll slow down tomorrow so I can start on my new book I got in the mail “Africa Doesn’t Matter”.


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