life as is

So tonight we had an IS supper/hangout at Jones’ home.  “IS” stands for Intercultural Studies; “we” is us IS students, a small amount at GU, and “Jones” is our director/prof.  I wasn’t sure how great it would be tonight, I kinda of just expected to chill and have some conversation and eat alot, since it was free!  Instead, around the bonfire, we had transfer students, new freshman, pre-EDGErs and post-EDGErs (me) and a couple profs.  It became such a great time to be able to share stories about what we experienced in Mali- mostly the funny ones of course but it was great just to even talk to some others who had gone to Mali a year before but now we had a connection b/c we shared relationships with those Malians.  It was so helpful.  I don’t feel like I’ve really gotten to talk things out, share my feelings and thoughts and what not with my team much since we all have different classes and schedules and don’t hang together as a team much.  I miss it.  I miss Mali.  I miss the Malians. Alot.  BEAUCOUP!  I don’t know what kinds of changes it has made in who I am.  I don’t know what Mali has done to me for the greater good.  I don’t even know what God has done through me when I look back at the experience.  It’s hard to see it all now.  It’s too soon in fact.  But I thank Him so much for the experience, for the people who got me there, and for God giving me a small taste of His heart and what breaks it.

Classes are going well for the most part.  I’m overwhelmed though because suddenly we are busy again.  Schedule changes from the last 6 months of my life.  It’s changed drastically since the couple weeks we’ve just been back in the States.  I don’t know how to deal with it in fact.  I’ve found myself being extra tired for some reason.  I wonder if it has to do with that because I don’t go to bed late, and I wake up at a decent time for class.  I have a feeling once I start working, I may “die”.  Well, that’s extreme.  Anyways, I am taking Statistics Monday and Wednesday mornings which I really dread going to in fact.  I am taking an IS class called Modern Power Structures and Inequality Monday nights which is about inequality in the systems today, the political system and economic issues.  It’s something I’ve never been truly interested to learn, but this sounds really good especially with the books that we will be reading.  I’m also taking Gospels which is a detailed study on each of the 4 Gospels in the New Testament.  I want to sleep in that class sometimes because of the time it is at (2pm when I want a nap).  I am also taking another IS class called Intercultural Transition Seminar.  It is a class that is about adjusting back to the home culture we live in from where we were.  It is going to be helpful for us for when we face re-entry around the corner.  I also needed an Art class but didn’t want to take the ones offered because they sounded pointless so Jones mixed Mission Research Seminar with an Art focus for me.  He made a class just for me :).  All it is is that I have to research some cross-cultural art ministry and write a huge paper at the end of the semester and do a presentation.  I’m a bit worried because I haven’t found anything yet online.  Let me know if you know of something!!!   Now off to my overwhelming thousands of pages I will need to read for this semester.


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