apartment photos

Enjoy these photos, for all of you who have been dying to see it ha!

my bedroom

a collage I made for Marie and her family in Mali

my $16 table found at Hobby Lobby; the black vase ($ .98), photo frame ($ .98), globe ($3-4) were all found at Thrift stores in Omaha!

this desk is a pain to move

my schedule this month

african mother with baby from Mali and all my school books

my prayer list; notice you can’t read all of them 😉

our teeny tiny bathroom; there is a window in the shower too ha!

Chenz’s room

found this black iron table at Hobby Lobby for $30 marked down from over $100 originally; we split it and bought it for another piece in our living room; the candles and candle holders are from the Thrift store and the long basket is from Hobby Lobby $5

Living room; two brown sheer window curtains on either side with a $5

our small kitchen

where our bills are going to pile up!

where my car sits, now, undamaged!


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